TEA Cafe's in Delhi - NCR

TEA is the word from which our day starts which gives us energy for whole of the day, whenever we feel tired we just go for a cup of tea and we even have a great talks over a cup of tea. As we all know what tea is and how to prepare a perfect cup of tea as per our taste but sometimes we don’t have time or other facilities to prepare a cup of tea for us to start a perfect day in this situation we all find a place where we can have a cup of tea when we are not home and can have a peaceful place to sit and enjoy this aromatic hot beverage known as tea.

Ivy & Bean
Address: 119, Sisham House, Shahpur Jat, Siri Fort, New Delhi, Delhi 110049
Phone: 011 4109 0119
Hours: Opens 8AM Closes 11PM
Reservations can be done at and Order  can also be made at

The Tea Room from Blossom Kochhar
Address: 1, Hauz Khas Tank, Hauz Khas Village, Deer Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016
Phone: 011 4081 7655
Hours: Opens 8AM · Closes 7PM

Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge
their Speciality is that they h…

Raksha Bandhan 2018 SMS & Whatsapp Messages in Hindi, Rakhi Poem & Wallpapers

When I was kid I used to wait for Rakshabandhan because on this occasion we earn money with lots of sweets to eat. we all meet together and have lots of fun we enjoy a lot. and all the above we don't have to go to a school that was the main attraction for us. but then we all grown up and started staying away from each other and but still we all come at one place on this occasion and remember those days. 

Rakshabandhan is the unique and very sweet Ritual Celebrates by Indians only. Many says that god cannot be everywhere this is the reason God sends mother to take care and mother cannot stay forever this is the reason god sends brother who always protects his sister and loves her. This relation is very sweet and adorable. The brother sister relation is the only relation which is celebrated in the Hindu religion for very long time. Let's celebrate this precious occasion together with some Rakhi SMS, whatsapp, facebook messages and rakhi wallpapers.

CBSE Board Results 2017

CBSE Board results  will be declared this month ll over india. For downloading your results for class 10th ans 12th click on the lnk below..... 

Class 10th CBSE Board Results 2017

Class 12th CBSE Board Results 2017

Uttarakhand Board Results 2017

Check for your Board results that will be announced this month. click on the desired link below to see the results....

Class 10th UK Board Results 2017

Class 12th UK Board Results 2017

10 Tips and Home Remedies for Stronger Longer Hairs

Everyone wants to look gorgeous these days for that we go to parlors, spend lots of money on your skin and hair spas and treatments. But what if then also we are not satisfied with our look? Skin problems can be hidden with the makeup but what about the hair look, we cannot hide our hairs every time with hats or scarfs. We have to go out with our hairs open but when they are dull and dry then we lose ourconfidence which is not good for anyone.

Tips to have Strong and Healthy Skeleton and Bones

Healthy Skeleton
Bones or a bad body can be a big problem for ladies which can effect the life not only in 50’s  but starts from 30’s which leads to brittle and creaky bones. How can we cure this problem and key for the healthy skeleton? The answer is a good exercise routine, healthy diet and some sun. these three things are as simple as to eat walk or sleep for our daily life.

Anger Management - Simple Five Tips

Best Anger Management Tips
Anger is like a supercharged rocket fuel which can be used in both the direction in positive and negative direction too depend on individual thinking. I'm a fighting lady and I have never been used to digest the wrong things happening around me.My temper been always a big problem for me at my work place and in relationships. I constantly feel frustrated and angry.I start avoiding many events and people because I feel like many times I can't control my temper.