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Panchkuian Road- Anomalous Furniture Market

Delhi's favored stop for all kind of furniture is Panchkuian Road. Sofas, bed, computer table, u'ii find them all herein various finishes, styles and colors. Even coir and foam furnishings are also available here, fancy lamp shades are also popular in Panchkuian market. while the smaller shops near goal market are less expensive, the large showrooms have better furnished furnitures. you can get anything from wrought iron planters and fish tanks to carved metal mandirs. this is not the place to go for contemporary minimalist or imported furniture. However, anything which is not cane is "teak", if you ask the shopkeepers, but you have to take those straight-faced assurance with a pinch of salt. Panchkuian market is one of the radial roads leading out of CP outer circle and Sundays are closed in Panchkuian market

Shankar Market - Perfect place to go fabric hunting.

Shankar market is the market which accquired a name for its tailors, and maintains its reputation to this delhi's best markets for fabric, salwar-kameez and saris. The market was established there is row upon row of these shops selling good cheap clothes for women and riding their popularity, a fair no. selling onlyaccessories.sari falls, petticoats, laces, ribbons, and buttons. Arifbhai's hunar is particularly famous in shankar market, which counts celebrities like Nafisa Ali and Maneka Gandhi among its customers. Chawla Fancy House is well known in the market for the accessories. in sharma market one easily find out the people's personal library and can even sell their second-hand books- from plato to paulo coelho and i.e. also at a discount of 10-80percent on the cover price. lending libraries are also available their that charges rs 10 per book on average;it also has a collection of second hand books for sale. Cane furniture, lukhnow chicken kurtis, pet stores, photo

Janpath Market a shoppers paradise in Delhi

Janpath is the most popular street market in Central Delhi. It is the haunt of models and designers shopping, tourist for ethnic chic and college students for all stuff that is in but yet affordable. Janpath is ideal bargain-hunting territory. the more u bargain the best price you get. the prices of the items their are based on how much you can afford to pay. the street market stretches about 500 meters from the outer circle of CP to the Imperial Hotel. Most shops will have an assortment of Kurtis, skirts, junked accessories, scarves and other apparel. One can find the seasonal stock in this market so as winter comes you will find more shawls and scarfs and as summer arrives you will find more skirts and spaghetti-strap tops. You will also find a good range of footwear, hand bags and sun glasses too. Many facilities are provided with in a walking distance from Janpath for the tourists, lets have an over view of it as we start from Jeevan Bharti building facing towards the Janpa

Shopping in Palika Bazar, Cannaught Place

SHOPPING means much more than simple procurement of necessitiesin the shopping capital of india. Delhi spoils the shoppers for choice. all of dekhi's markets offer everything that money can buy, from exclusive designer waer and elaborate wedding trousseous to rarities and fake antiques, to heavily discounted export surplus. There is a huge collection of the markets for shopping here in this city... Going through all of them we will start from CANNAUGHT PLACE. New delhi's famous colonial era circular market is the city's ultimate mall. Every designer label has a cannaught place address. Yet CP has more character and more air then all the malls put together. Quite a bit of CP lies underground the shopping continues in the warren of subways linking the outer circle blocks, with hawkers offering everything from local posters to embossed brass images of gods. One can experiences the biggest undergruond shopping Complex in PALIKA BAZAR, CP. This market makes up the I and J B

Delhi the heart of India

Delhi - hard with their tractors and agglomeration of mechanical and human trafficking - can cope with a royal visit and confusion for the first time. But do not fall into the temptation of the first impressions muddy the benefits of truly multidimensional city. zero beyond the sandy surface and you'll quickly discover that the capital of India is dotted with brilliant gems: captivating ancient monuments, magnificent museums, lively arts scene and some of the tastiest places to eat subcontinent. A melting pot of vibrant cultures, you hear a mixture of dialects in Delhi, said that the most common are Hindi, English, Punjabi and Urdu. In terms of design, Delhi encapsulates two very different worlds, the "old" and "new", presented the experiences of deliciously different. Spacious New Delhi, as the imperial capital of India, built by the British; rambunctious Old Delhi was the capital of Islamic India. Visitors can easily while submerged, half-day immersion in th

Welcome to Delhi FLash

This is my first post on my blog. I am girl from Delhi, I love this city the blog is related to updates about delhi. places to visit and education related material........ keep reading my blog...... thank you