Delhi - hard with their tractors and agglomeration of mechanical and human trafficking - can cope with a royal visit and confusion for the first time. But do not fall into the temptation of the first impressions muddy the benefits of truly multidimensional city. zero beyond the sandy surface and you'll quickly discover that the capital of India is dotted with brilliant gems: captivating ancient monuments, magnificent museums, lively arts scene and some of the tastiest places to eat subcontinent. A melting pot of vibrant cultures, you hear a mixture of dialects in Delhi, said that the most common are Hindi, English, Punjabi and Urdu.
 In terms of design, Delhi encapsulates two very different worlds, the "old" and "new", presented the experiences of deliciously different. Spacious New Delhi, as the imperial capital of India, built by the British; rambunctious Old Delhi was the capital of Islamic India. Visitors can easily while submerged, half-day immersion in the history of the spectacular Red Fort, Jama Masjid and medieval bazaars of Old Delhi flavor, and the reactivation of the other half over a frothy cappuccino or a chilled cocktail in New Delhi chic cafes and bars. 
In addition, the kitchen means new world revolution Delhi, hungry travelers can now crispy on everything from Mughlai curries and plump fleshy south Indian idlis (rice cakes), the wood oven pizza and soft sashimi party. For those who are here to catch a flight home, there are some fantastic last-minute shopping, with arts and crafts in Switzerland - a true blessing if you buy do not repent of the works that reflect Nu in Rajasthan or striking Madhubani painting Bedspread in Bihar.

Image:- Mohd Aram
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