Bengali market developed in the 1930's to serve railway employees- many of them bengalis-settled in the colonies around babur road, todarmal lane and tansen marg. as it was a utility market, it still has many grocery, fruit and vegetable stalls, new-vendors, dry cleaners even a tobacconist. But its real claim to fame is the luscious chaat served by its famous halwai shops.
the most prominent outlets in the market are the two Nathu's Sweets shop : one of the patisserie and delicatessen, serving sand-witches, cakes, caramel puddings and breads and the other which Nathu's famous cholle bhature and a wide range of mithais. Bengali sweet house is another popular halwai cum restaurant that has earned a reputation for serving the best gulab jamuns and dhoklas.

Jain tobacconist and laxmi cigarette, sits side by side at the corner of tansen marg, stock a variety of cuban cigars and imported cigarette. the brij and shivmarts stock a variety of imported fruits- california oranges, chilean apples, and kiwi as well as many indian seasonal fruit being the favourites. there is also the original Rama color lab for camera equipments and accessories.

Bengali market placed at tansen marg. take the radial Barahkhamba road from CP outer circle till Mandi House chowk, then turn left onto tansen marg Bengali market is a short way down. Mondays are closed in this market
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