Little kiosks of faux jewelery, paintings, fabrics, saris, shawls, hand made bags sit cheek by jowl with others showcasing bidri work from Karnataka and Andhra, aari embroidery from Kashmir, or wooden icons from Tamil Nadu.
In the middle of the unebbing tide of human traffic sits a portrait maker. At an arm's length from him, a mahendiwali is hard at work, adorning the hands of a little girl. At the far end of the haat, the food bazaar buzzes with gastronomic activity. Nearby, dancers sway to the rustic rhythm of garba dhol.

You're in a village fair, or the closest approximation of one that you can imagine in a bustling metropolis like Delhi. You're in Dilli haat.

Dilli haat is Delhi's permanent handicrafts bazaar. opened in march 1994, the carefully planned village-style, architecture of the haat creates just the right sitting for the many shopping- and - dinning may lasts held here, with atleast one event per month in winters, the haat hosts the hugely popular Nature Bazaar. Master craftsmen from all across India attend this fair.

A total of 25 stalls comprise the food bazaar, which dishes out delicacies from the different Indian States: palda and madhra from Himachal Pradesh, dhoklas and theplas from Gujarat, goshtabha and yakhni from Kashmir, momos from the South-East, pav bhaji from Maharashtra. Other permanent features include an exhibition hall, a souvenir shop and an open stage for cultural programmes.

Dilli Haat is situated on Aurobindo Marg, opposite to INA Market. Entry fees in Dilli Haat for Adults is Rs.15 and for children is Rs.10
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