Khan Market was setup in the 1950's to rehabilitate people displaced from Pakistan post-partition, Khan market had an almost idyllic charm in its early days.
It was a heaven for book seekers. there was a Pat a Cake for freshly baked breads and chicken sandwiches.Allied stores had toys while Empire stores and sovereign dairy were the popular provisional stores.
Khan market has today morphed into a bustling, upmarket shopping centre, which has been taken over by big-name players. You'll find trendy cloths, designer footwear, watches, jewelery, hip cafes, furnishings, music, hardware, stationery, electronics, cosmetics, toys, imported fruits and vegetables- just about anything you can ask for.

The popular hangouts may have changed over the years but the Khan Market is still a place where you do more than just shop. Pick up your favorite CD's at the Music shop, a designer outfit from orgaan and ethnic silver jewelery to match from Amrapali. Then polish off scrumptious desserts at The Big Chilli Cafe, at two locations at the either end of the market.

Another day you could head to the laid-back market cafe to gaze at the market bustle over light pastas, sugar free desserts and healthy fruit juices. or wolf down chicken tikka rolls at Khan Chacha's Kebab Corner.
And then on your way out, run into a long forgotten college pals who just who just came out of China Fare or Chona's.

Head to old favorite Bahri Sonsto browse through new book titles, or stop by the sidewalk to nab a selection of magazines. The spiritually in lined like to check the titles at The Full Circle and then make their way up to Cafe Turtle for some invigorating coffee with gooey chocolate cake. The Swarovski showrooms stunning crystals has replaced The Bookshop. many more shops are the pride of Khan Market like shops for kitchenware, black-print fabrics, home furnishings, an assortment of ethnic chic.

Benetton,Levi's, Reebok, Nike and Woodland with the khadi and forest Essential outlets for ayurvedic personnel care products are also situated here.With this pet lovers can lasso find stoppages here at some famous pet shops. Even the Kaya Skin Clinic with the choice of exotic fruits and vegetables are ubiquitous at Simla, Bombay fruit marts and allied fruit & florists.

Neighbouring Khan Market is Lok Nayak Bhawan, which hosts a huge number of shops specializing in highly priced lamps and chandeliers.
Khan Market is situated on Subramaniam Bharti Marg at Sujan Singh Park; Khan Market is linked to the India Gate Circle via Shahjahan Road and Prathviraj Lane. Sundays are closed in Khan Market.
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