Corporate crowds seem to have taken away rick Blain's Casablanca spirit that this clad was once famous for. The interiors are unimaginatively extra-vegant. Ghastly pink- candles, old fashioned sofas and a globular chandalier do not a pleasing decor make. The saving graces- the lighting is mellow and the lounge music is unobtrusive. If you want to have a great time, find the seat at the bar and watch bartenders efficiently mix drinks.

Rick's is among the most well-stocked bar in delhi, with a great selection of wines, vodkas, whiskeys and other spirits. On weeknights, ask the right questions and the bartenders will make time to hold forth on the intricacies of cocktails.

Martinis have a menu all to themselves. Grey Goose Gibson made with the iconic grey Goose vodka and Vermouth and garnished with pearl onion is very good. the complex yet subtle Blushing Tensil, a special Rick's recipe made with vanilla vodka and spicy wasabi, is a must try.

Rick's located nera Khn market the address is Taj Mahal Hotel, 1 Mansingh Road, Contact no. is 011-23026162 ,website is, Credit Cards are AmEx, Visa, Master, Cuisines are Indian, Cocktail Pick are Green Apple Martini Rs425, Timings are 12.30 pm to 1 am.
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