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Indian comic book aficionados can now relive those moments at the country's First Annual Indian Comic Convention here next month. For the first time in India comics festival is taking place in New Delhi, the place being Delhi Haat. The two day comics festival will be taking place from February 19 to 20, 2011. The aim is to bring all the comics fans,brands and publishers under one roof. The event is being organised by Twenty Onwards Media -- also behind.

The Comic Con aims at serving as a platform for artists and writers to directly connect with Publishers from across India and vice-versa. It will allow comic book fans see and enjoy the large variety of work that is available and check out the latest titles, products, merchandise hitting the market. Targeted not only at the hard-core comic book fans, the convention is also aimed at the general, starting at the age of nine years going all the way to 36 and even beyond.

It will be a great platform for local comics publishers to showcase their work along with the international brands like Marvel and DC. Some of the new Indian publishers showing their work will be Vimanika, Level 10 and Campfire. Readers will also be able to find latest graphic novels from publishers like Penguin, Harper Collins and Random House

comics con india delhi haat

Besides book launches, other activities include workshops with artists and writers, panel discussions and an awards night. The scale and numbers, of course, are not comparable to the San Diego convention that sees a congregation of hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world (around 130,000 in 2010) and exclusive previews by major Hollywood studios. But the idea is to take comics to a larger audience.

To make two days event more interesting there will also be workshops, costume contests and other fun activities along with launching of Graphic titles including Pop Culture Publishing‘s RANDOM Anthology Featuring Simpoo Singh & Lola Kutty, UBiMa: Uud Bilaw Manus – Back With a Vengeance, The Itch You Can‘t Scratch and Vimanika Comics‘ The Legend of Karna book II.

Comic Con is being publicized by media partners such as Mocha, Time Out Magazine, Animation Xpress, Happily Unmarried and Vimanika Comics.

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Organisers adds, "Our motive is to give artists and writers a platform to showcase their work to the world. Provide a similar platform to publishers to showcase their latest titles. We want to give out the message that there is serious money to be made out of this Industry. Lastly, as comic book fans ourselves, we want to create a place where all fans can meet annually and celebrate!

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