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CS Result

Company Secretary course result for the June session will be announced on 25th August, 2011 at 12.00 noon... ALL THE BEST and ............. CLICK HERE ........... to see your result REGISTER FOR RECEIVING RESULTS ON MOBILE - SMS! SEND THE FOLLOWING SMS TO RECEIVE YOUR RESULT WHEN IT IS ANNOUNCED! Final (Old Syllabus ) Examination June 2011 SMS - ICSIFINAL ROLL NUMBER to 56263 Example: ICSIFINAL 123456 - Send it to 56263 Foundation Programme - ICSIFOUN ROLL NUMBER to 56263 Executive Programme - ICSIEXEC ROLL NUMBER to 56263 Professional Programme - ICSIPROF ROLL NUMBER to 56263

Anna Hazare Arrested on August 16th, 2011

Anna hazare arrested when he was exiting the flat in supreme enclave Mayur Vihar phase I, when he was cuming down through lift then delhi police arrested him when he asked why what's my fault then police answered its an order....he was taken in his own car Toyota from gate no. 1 of the society.... Yesterday Anna Hazareji went to Rajghat and stay in meditation or we can say silent fast "Dhyan " for two and a half hours and according to Anna's team plan they used to exit their house at 8.00 in the morning and should reach on Rajghat at 9.00 am and should reach at JP Park at 10.00 am the anshan will going to start at 11.00 am but he was arrested at 7.40 am when he came out of the flat and in the lift of the society...... The order of arresting the supporters of Lok Pal Bill was given from whom is that from the Government????...... Arvind Kejriwaal also arrested from the society of Mayur Vihar PhaseI taken out from the gate no. 3 and Kiran bedi also arrested from Rajg

Anna Hazare Live Conference

Anna Hazareji is a real Hero whose actual name is Kishan Babu Lal Hazare. He give Indians a new ray to live a real freedom in this corrupted land.............. In the live conference with media on 14th August 2011 Anna ji with Kiran bedi and sunil ji answered the questions and also cleared all the claims put by the congress party on him. congress politicians says that Anna Hazare's fast is injustice and he is corrupt from head to toe many questioned that from where is he getting all the money for his arrangement of anshan infact some politicians uses abuse language too.... But in revert all these questions Anna Hazareji arranged a conference and answered these all questions he says that if any of the person feels that he is curropt then do all the interrogation and investigation i will support you, he also told that where ever he goes for the campaigns he put a "jhola" infront of all and they contribute some amount from their he got all this fund to arrange all t

Independence Day - 15th August

Perhaps its fate that today is 15th August the Independence Day of India, but once again we are fighting for freedom this time not from Britishers or from any outsiders but from the insiders i.e. from Indians only for our right to live freely in our own country with out corruption. This is our 64th year of celebration of Independence. Before 64 years i.e. before 15th August 1947 we were ruled by Britishers and now after 64 years we are again ruled by the corruption from which is introduced indians only. So this year we will definitely not going to waste the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and never allow any one else to rule on us. This is the right time for a new revolution say no to corruption, corruption is the biggest hindrance in the progress these days we all says that "we end today a period of ill fortune, and india discover herself again" but India really do ended the period of ill fortune i dont think but we definitely get it and this is the best day to start it

Raksha Bandhan 2011

Rakshabandhan basically means the bond of love and protection. Rakshabandhan is very famous religion in Hindu Religion. Many says that god cannot be every where this is the reason god sends mother to take care and mother cannot stay forever this is the reason god sends brother who always protect his sister and loves her. This relation is very sweet and adorable. The brother sister relation is the only relation which is celebrated in the Hindu religion from very long time. Lets celebrate this precious occasion together with some Rakhi sms and rakhi wallpapers. RAKSHA BANDHAN SMS Kaamyabi tumhare kadam chume, khushiyan tumhare charo aur ho, par bhagwan se itni prarthana karne ke liye, tum mujhe kuch to commission do! to my extremely ******* rakhi ko tyonhar tha rakhi bandhane ko bhai taiyar tha bhai bola bahna meri ab to rakhi bandh do, bahna boli, kalai peechhe karo, pahale rupae hazaar do. ******* To the outside world, we all grow old. But not to brothers and siste