Anna hazare arrested when he was exiting the flat in supreme enclave Mayur Vihar phase I, when he was cuming down through lift then delhi police arrested him when he asked why what's my fault then police answered its an order....he was taken in his own car Toyota from gate no. 1 of the society.... Yesterday Anna Hazareji went to Rajghat and stay in meditation or we can say silent fast "Dhyan " for two and a half hours and according to Anna's team plan they used to exit their house at 8.00 in the morning and should reach on Rajghat at 9.00 am and should reach at JP Park at 10.00 am the anshan will going to start at 11.00 am but he was arrested at 7.40 am when he came out of the flat and in the lift of the society...... The order of arresting the supporters of Lok Pal Bill was given from whom is that from the Government????...... Arvind Kejriwaal also arrested from the society of Mayur Vihar PhaseI taken out from the gate no. 3 and Kiran bedi also arrested from Rajghat..... J P Park is converted into police head quarter...... Section 144 applied in the nearer area which means that more than 3 peopels are not allowed to stand together.... 60 supporters also give them selves to the police and says arrest us also .....

This revolution converted into "Jail Bharo Andolan Of Gandhiji's time". Anna Hazare ji with Mr Arvind Kejriwaal kept in GOS Mess in north delhi, in Alipur area and Kiran Bedi who was arrested from Rajghat still not reached GOS Mess....... Mr. Prashant Bhushan going to submit an appeal in Supreme Court against this arrest....... 1000's are still on roads for supporting Anna Hazare...... This is our country Help to get rid of ill fortune of India.... Please Dont behave like sum superstitious Indian and instead saying "your kids nd relatives that plz dnt exit out this will going to be a big issue" order them go and join the revolution this is our country and we have to save it........... Are Britishers were better than the present Government..... Now Indians are not allowed to do what they want to do But some Indians are excluded from this they can go where they want and they can do what they want........ But not Anna Hazareji Why...????
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