Anna Hazareji is a real Hero whose actual name is Kishan Babu Lal Hazare. He give Indians a new ray to live a real freedom in this corrupted land..............

In the live conference with media on 14th August 2011 Anna ji with Kiran bedi and sunil ji answered the questions and also cleared all the claims put by the congress party on him. congress politicians says that Anna Hazare's fast is injustice and he is corrupt from head to toe many questioned that from where is he getting all the money for his arrangement of anshan infact some politicians uses abuse language too....

But in revert all these questions Anna Hazareji arranged a conference and answered these all questions he says that if any of the person feels that he is curropt then do all the interrogation and investigation i will support you, he also told that where ever he goes for the campaigns he put a "jhola" infront of all and they contribute some amount from their he got all this fund to arrange all the necessities for the campaigns. he also says that all the details if finance has been put on the website and his team challenged Congress to put their fund details within 24 hours on the website. He also said Padma shri patil give 30 lacks rupees to some one to kill him he also says that if his gandhiwadi language kept unheard then he will nt hesitate in using the tagore language. He is ready to go to jails but till Government dont fulfill all his conditions he will not going to quit his anshan starting from 16th August,2011 11.00am at JB Park, Delhi

This is not against the government or some particular party actually this is against the corruption in 21st century and the only treatment of this is the 21st century revolution if we will not get the success in this revolution then believe me we will not left with any other way to get rid of this corruption...
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