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Navratri 2011

Navratri festival celebrated as Durga night vijya nine. Navratri festival in Gujarat celebrate Garba and Havana and the most popular people in Gujarat. In this festival, "Ras Garba and" some of the latest trends in honor of dancing and celebrating "Disco Dandie. Navratri is the most joyful festival of Hindus. This festival is full of happiness and spiritual stories. Navratri believes to be the oldest festival of Hindus religion this year the first navratra will be on September 28 and ends on 6th October, 2011 which will be celebrated as the day of Dussehra which resembles as the day of victory of truth and love over the evil. Navaratri October 6 Navratri is intended for the worship of Goddess Saraswati and goddess of Lakshmi.Nineth Navatri night of the festival is the last day for all people to celebrate,the vijya dasmi will be celebrated with Havana. All nine days of navratri will be celebrated with the special dance called Garba. Garba of Gujarat is the m