Manisha Koirala to look different when in a restaurant, lounge, opened her ex-boyfriend Prashant Chaudhuri vikend.She is the same acttress who entertained us in so many movies like 1947-A love story, Mann, bombay and many more she was so beautiful but nw unrecognizable.

It is hard to imagine that the same Manisha we've seen in movies as an actor seemed so confused, depressed and drunked to that much level in which she cant stand on her own.
 Hardly a tie and its use in heavily intoxicated. In 2010 manisha married Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal, but their marriage seemed to vibrate in only a few days. Quote Samrat as her enemy positions clearly shows the social actor's vote for the "happy, and not" lasts happy any more.
In this issue Manisha's mother tries to host the issue show and came to say that it is only a bit of truffle between a man and a woman after marriage. But now the marriage does not seem to see the good times again.Finally actresses publishing division of the house. Moved from Kathmandu to Mumbai after her mind to divorce, and now lives in Mumbai.

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  1. she is whore of bollywood born in Nepal. same on you manish


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