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Mouldering Rock Climbing Wall at Srinagar 12 Metres adventurous Rock Climbing at Srinagar

When we plan for a holiday in some hill station the first adventurous thought came into our mind is of rock climbing and with out some exciting rock climbing work our hill station trip is of no use but when we thought of Srinagar holiday trip then its just useless because no rock climbing wall was their earlier but now Srinagar also have a rock climbing wall which is made by State Tourism Minister Nawang Rigzin Jora said the wall could be used for three important rock climbing events - "mouldering, speed and lead".  The 12-metre-tall wall was constructed at a cost of approximately Rs.1 crore.  So now when ever you plan for a holiday trip in Srinagar just plan for an adventurous rock climbing trip and enjoy with your family and friends  

Teachers Day 2012 Quotes SMS and wallpapers

Twamev Mata Cha Pita Twamev, Twamev Bandhu Cha Sakha twamev, Twamev Vidya Dravinam Twamev, Twamev Sarvam Mam Deva Deva....... Dedicated to All my Teachers ..... We all know that teachers are so important in our life, somewhere at some point teachers played an important role in our life's like when we are alone in the class and searching for some friend one teacher entered in the class and you feel yes this is my friend or when you feel so alone and disgusted because you scored less in your exam then your teacher helped you in your studies like amir khan did in Taare Zameen Par or your teacher motivated you for studying and you started liking that subject. This is not necessary that your school teacher will be the only teacher in your life your mother or sister or brother or your father at home can be your favorite teacher. Except your school and home one stranger can also be your best teacher such as you are standing on the bus stop or sitting in the bus or trains or on the roa