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April Fool Pics and SMS and Pranks with wallpapers photos, songs

 This is not any official holiday but a fun little break from this hectic daily schedule, but a celebration that we must always be on guard, because he may be the next April Fool!  April Fools' Day is a fun only day or a day only meant for fun. We do not spend money or get some costly and unique gifts or take our friends or family to some costly restaurant  for food and surprise them. Well, at work or in school this day is just for fun with out harming others or hurting others feelings but make them laugh with some cute and funny pranks or SMS or pics .  SMS & PICS..........  SomeOne.. MiSSES U.. NeeDS U.. Worries About U Lonely Without U Guess Who? THE MONKEY IN ... THE ZOO .. ************ You are one of the most CUTE persons in the world!! Just a second, don't misunderstand. CUTE means: Creating Useless Troubles Everywhere.. **************** If today any 1 talks & praises u 4 ur 1) gud looks 2 ) nature 3 ) style 4 ) attitude, kick

All type of Hair Types, Treatments with hair styles home remedies cheap and best remedies for every type of hair

The coat is a structure, but have important functions in social functioning same as that of hair in your fashion world. The hair is made of a hard protein called keratin. Each anchor at the base of hair follicles bulbs form follicles. On the root hairs, living cells divide and grow to build coat. Blood vessels nourish cells in the hair and make hormones that hair growth and structure affect different stages of life.   5 secrets to healthy hair   Check the heat Heat styling tools are harmful for your hair. Sorry to say. And when you pair ironing with a blowdry you are inviting severe hair damage. The solution: stick to one styling tool at a time. Blow-dry when your hair is 70 percent dry and use a nozzle. Else let your hair air dry completely and use a flat iron. Stick to one direction While blowdrying and brushing, follow one direction to avoid the development of frizzy strands. Deal with one segment at a time instead of dealing with multiple sections. It may take longer

Delhi diaries: Survival guide for delhi metro...

 Delhi diaries: Survival guide for delhi metro... Delhi metro – Its cheap, fast and convenient but it comes with its own share of issues. A lifeline for the people of delhi and Ncr , get  used to the unwritten rules to make your travel enjoyable. These are part core reality, part observations….Rest upto you to decipher what is what.     1. If you are a smartphone user, make use of the navigation app from google play otherwise do what the foreigners do- carry a route map.     2.  3 Combat zones ( read Interchange stations) challenge and assault your every sense…Rajeev chowk, Central Secretariat and Kashmiri Gate. Kashmiri Gate throws your stabilization radar into disarray with people boarding and deboarding with tons of luggage. C. Sec can crush you under the stampede of people running to catch the metro towards Badarpur ( Violet Line). Rajeev chowk is the baap of all…Max crowd, max distractions ( the most beautiful girls), max confusion (direction arrows towards exit can fuse y

Easy Skin Care Home Remedies with Simple Home Tips for Summers

Skin is very vital part of our body and today's everyone is so fond of good skin. Everyone take many treatments for getting good skin and use tons of chemicals so that a flawless skin is the result but the result of these costly  treatments and cosmetics is flawless skin or not its a big question mark in our minds. We all gets attracted with the TV advertisements and branded parlours or costly facials or cleanups so easily but we never once thought that our skin like these chemicals or not. The best way to treat our pocket and our skin is. STOP putting chemicals on you face!!! Let it breath. Home remedies are best to make the skin regain its glow. Proper diet, drinking lots of water, exercise, skin exfoliation and off course skin care is the best treatment we can give to our skin. Dull skin is usually a result of a layer of dead cells on the skin surface. Skin cells naturally shed off, but an individual can help speed up this process by exfoliating at least weekly.

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Where To Buy Cheap Books and Magazines in Delhi, Daryaganj Sunday Book Market

If you are a book lover or you are searching for some specific book. Daryaganj is the right place to hunt for your collection. Darya as the name suggest means river, and ganj means city. The history of the city dates back to 1803 when it was a cantonment of Delhi. Though most of the architectural beauty and historical monuments have been overshadowed by buildings some are still evident.