If you are a book lover or you are searching for some specific book. Daryaganj is the right place to hunt for your collection. Darya as the name suggest means river, and ganj means city. The history of the city dates back to 1803 when it was a cantonment of Delhi. Though most of the architectural beauty and historical monuments have been overshadowed by buildings some are still evident.

Moving back to the books, each Sunday early morning till afternoon or even till evening at times, you will find sellers, students and other occasional vendors giving away some of the most amazing books at a decent price. What book can you expect in Daryaganj? Well when I first went to the place it was over crowded with books and there was hardly any place to walk.
The books were from diverse fields, from Computer science to fiction novels, medical journals, projects, magazines, fashion, beauty, any thing which you can think of in a book fair is right there under your feet. Bargaining is always an option as the sellers are open to it.
How to reach Daryaganj? If you wish to go by auto or your personal convince you will find it right next to ITO red light, take a right turn from there and keep going straight until you reach Daryaganj. If you wish to travel by metro then deboard at Chawri Bazar metro and take a hand pulled rickshaw and ask him to drop you at Daryaganj he will take around 20-25 or 30 rs at max and leave you at the Daryaganj book shop area. Rest to be more specific try searching for Daryaganj in Google maps.

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