Helena Frith powell had begun her career as a model and apparel designer, but she eventually became a very successful journalist and one of the most sought-after columnists in the world. Powell has written nine books, celebrating women, their desires, aspirations, fears and insecurities. 

Is their any science to live agelessly or is it an art..????? Author and columnist Helena Frith Powell shares what she learn from French women about looking youthful.

There's a burgeoning trend towards living agelessly. french women are notoriously secretive when it comes to style and beauty. but she did manage to get some of their best kept secrets of how to age well. "Women do not need to be graceless just because they are old." Here's what she has to say on beauty, age and looking fabulous.

What is the French notion of beauty and aging....????

French women do not have complicated beauty habits. For them, everything is about small tweaks..... such as making sure their nails are immaculate, their hair is snipped from time to time, wearing sexy cloths etc. They are not keen on going to the gym. They prefer to smoke and drink coffee, go for walks, learnt ballet, play with their children and make love. A french supermodel once told us that its amazing how much exercise you get while shopping for cloths.

How do they stay positive while others buckle....????

Their positive attitude towards the life comes from the fact that they dont think about age and equates age to ugliness. Once sumone asked a 65- years old lady at a smart boutique if she was particular about buying matching under wears. " she said, why not i always want to look sexy.."

Whats the most fundamental difference between how the french see aging vs how the rest of the world sees it...????

Most women tend to give up when they have children. I'm over the hill, they complain. It is more and more important to retain grace as we age- that is the french attitude. Do not dress like a teenager bacause you want to look young. There are ways of dressing to look sexy when you are older, like relying on accessories such as a scarf on a well cut suit, but showing the flesh is not the answer. Short Skirts are not really the option, opt instead for a pair of flowing, well fitted silk trousers. The good thing about being older is you can afford to dress well.

Is beauty an act of seduction...???

A french women checks herself into a spa at least once a year. Its a ritual for them. the woman swear by cellulite creams and anything else that keeps them trim,  but does not ever overdo the makeup. Seduction is all about being naturally sexy.

How do these woman stay slim...???

By not eating too much bread or drinking too much alcohol. Many woman in french don't even eat croissants.

How can we train the mind to be young...???

It is essential that we keep seeking knowledge. take up the piano, play Sudoko or solve crosswords... do anything to keep your neural pathways firing. It keeps you young.

Last but not the least some quick tips to be young and graceful........

  • Wear Sunscreen every single day, irrespective of the weather. The suns rays have the single most damaging effects on people's skin.
  • Dont smoke. After the sun smoking is the most harmful factor for the skin.
  • Exercise. Keep your joints flexible and stay fit so that you dot walk like an old person. Yoga is excellent for anti aging.
  • Eat well. Use your common sense. Living off junk food is not going to help your skin retain a healthy glow.
  • Use creams and serum with active products such as green tea and other ingredients that can actually make an impact on your skin.
  • Stay well-groomed. And do not dress like you are in your 20's.

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