Hindi, and specially south Indian movies have always been inclined towards science fiction but the way they murder science is laudable. Be it Rajnikanth movies, Mithun movies or any other actors movie Indian movies are sure to make you laugh. Here is a collection of 10 funny movie scenes which I found hilarious.

Heart transplant from 100 meters away The first scene is from the movie Hrudaya Kaleyam which is a Telugu movie released in 2014. This is a spoof comedy film by Steven Shankar. The scene shows the hero Sampoornesh Babu carrying a heart which is to be transplanted to his girlfriend but unfortunately a villain comes in between and hits him which an axe. What happens next will make you burst into laughter.

Brain transplant of Mithun Chakraborty

Diya Aur Toofan is a movie by Kovelamudi Bapayya which was released in 1995 starring Mithun Chakraborty. In this movie we find that our hero and police officer Mithun is killed but Kader Khan who is a doctor decides to transplant the brain of the officer into a new body. See the video to know the complete story.


Face transplant by Krishna

The movie Manavudu Danavudu is a Telugu released in 1972 in this scene you find that the hero gets a complete face transplant in less than few minutes without any scar also his hair style
changes completely.

Rowdy Rathore may have earned 5.7 rating in the IMDB rating but it was quite popular among the fans of Akshay. Released in 2012 the movie was a remake of a south Indian movie. In this movie Akshay plays a double role, one of a police officer and other of a con. The police officer is hit by a bullet in the brain but it does not kill him. But his brain starts to work like a carburetor engine which needs coolent every now and then. During his last fight with the villains he is hit on the head his brain heats up due to which he starts to loose consciousness just then it starts to rain and his brain is cooled bringing our super cop back in action.

Hello Brother was released in the year 1999 where Salman Khan who works for Shakti Kapoor and one day finds that his boss is a drug dealer. He is shot by Shakti Kapoor, and at the same time Arbaaz is shot in the heart, so the doctor transplant Salman's heart in Arbaaz, after this miracle Arbaaz Khan starts to hallucinate and see Salman Khan who tells him about his murderer.

Mimoh from movie Jimmy

Carrying on the legacy of father Mithun Chakraborty, Mimoh's movie Jimmy which was released in 2008. In this movie the hero who is an engineer and a dancing sensation is beaten up and is diagones with brain tumour. BUt with a blow on his head his tumor is cured. Watch the video to know more.

Heart Attack scene from Clerk

Clerk is a movie released in 1989 starring Ashok Kumar and Manoj Kumar. Ashok Kumar is a heart patient and is suffering from heart attack when Manoj Kumar his son sees this he plays the movie from Azad Hind fauj which powers up Ashok Kumar and he gets back to normal. This music therapy is really amazing


And the snake bite scene which has been done so many times in the Hindi movies once again from Hasina and Nagina (1996) movie

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