Best Anger Management Tips

Anger is like a supercharged rocket fuel which can be used in both the direction in positive and negative direction too depend on individual thinking. I'm a fighting lady and I have never been used to digest the wrong things happening around me.My temper been always a big problem for me at my work place and in relationships. I constantly feel frustrated and angry.I start avoiding many events and people because I feel like many times I can't control my temper.

Many times at work place or at home men are complimented for great fantastic anger speeches, but a women expressing her anger may earn a patronizing word i.e. ”Calm Down Dear”. Fighting women have always been called with many bad names like narrow minded, small minded, intolerant, conservative,slander etc.

After all my Life’s bad experiences I almost learn how to control my anger or how to control my anger or how to express it on the right place with right time and believe me it works and you need not to hear any bad name tags with your name anymore. there are only five ways to have healthier anger in fact many psychologists and authors implement them in their daily life.

* Affirm it: “ Even though i'm uncomfortable this time but its Just fine to feel angry”. This statement works sometimes. Go  for a walk with this statement and don’t say a word. Walk provides a  parallel movement of eyes with the brain and eye movement is a desensitization and reprocessing therapy which calms the nervous system. Or sit alone and go for some short session of meditation or some yoga therapy.

* Notice it: “Anger is not permanent". Yes nothing is permanent in life not even your anger and we all have to keep this in mind always. Anger is important as it decides the boundaries and self-hood. Don’t ever give a reason to your anger as it’s a part of your own personality and always teaches us something.

* Own it: “ Its your own anger so speak for it aloud to the person who triggers it ”. But never criticize or blame them for it as everyone has their own opinion and nature. This anger is yours so always have the courage to say that yes i'm angry, this is my life and i have full right to be angry after all anger is also an important emotion of life like love or happiness or any other emotion of life.

* Punch it: “ Find some physical activity to release your anger don’t ever keep it inside you ”. Its upto you what keeps your anger away from you it can be a walk or some exercise or listen some music. Avoid storing it in your body if you want then you can close yourself in a room and throw things away also.

* Speak it: “ Talk to someone about your anger". We always need someone who can says that yes you are right and your anger is right and they are the only people who can show the other way of whole of the situation with full patience and trust.

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