Summer has arrived which makes the life easy no more messy woolen cloths no more scarfs and no more chilling cold winds which makes the skin dry and breakout. Summer means early morning walks to the park, walk on beaches with friends or alone, pool parties, or want to stay in the swimmimg pool all day long…….. this all will give you  a perfect smart body and a relaxing mind but what about your skin. In summers the maximum part of the body will be in the direct sun expose which will tan the skin. 

These days many sun blocking lotions are available in the market and every one use them according to their need but they  have many chemicals which are not skin friendly so lets try some home remedies to relax your skin and pockets too. Always try to follow a  good skin routine which is very important for slowing and flawless skin 
Steps to keep the skin glowing in the summer

Exfoliate:  Exfoliation of the skin will remove the dead cells gathered on the outer layer of the skin which will give rough and pigmented look to the skin. The home made scrub can easily remove the dead cells of the skin with no pain. 
Mix milk with besan and/or oats  and rub on the skin for about ten minutes in upward circular motion.
Another way is to mix lemon juice and sugar in equal quantity and rub on skin for about 10 minutes then wash off with luke warm water.

Cleansing: clean your face atleast twice a day in summers with some good cleanser. Good cleanser clears the pores of the sin and gives the skin smooth and fairer look.
Apply Raw milk on the face and massage gently then leave it for 10 minutes and then wash with cold water. 
Another way is to mix Plain yogurt and honey in equal amount. Apply this on face and leave it for 10 minutes then wash with cold water.

Moisturize:  a good moisturizer will results in to a smooth and soft skin. Water based moisturizers are the best for the skin oil based moisturizers have added oils which can cause pimples to the skin. 

Aloe vera gel, Olive oil, coconut oil, butter milk, shea butter cucumber juice are some of the best homemade moisturizers. Just dampen the cotton ball in any of the moisturizera and apply on the skin, for best results use in night time.

Toning: a good toner refreshes and hydrates the skin which is must in summers. Dehydrated skin looks so dull and un healthy so make it a habit to apply toner on skin. It also helps reducing pimples and pimple marks with blackheads. 
A natural toner can be prepared by mixing equal parts of glycerine and rose water.

Sunscreen: its always better to apply sunscreen atleast 30 minutes before going to the sun, this will protect the skin from sun tan. There are many natural ways  to remove sun tan easily one can 
Make paste of 2-3 almonds little lime juice and some milk. Apply this pack at night and wash it in the morning with lukewarm water.

Healthy diet: always keep your self  hydrated have lots of liquids like juices water lemonades milk shakes. A healthy diet means healthy skin mark what you eat must have some vitamins rather then artificial fats. Exercise daily atleast for about 15 minutes.

Other natural remedies to get a glowing and tan free skin in summer

Apply a mixture of honey and lemon juice in equal amounts on the face and leave it for 20 minutes.
Cucumber juice will also help to reduce the effect of harsh sun rays and leaves the skin soft and pimple free.
A paste made out of gram flour, milk and a few drops of lime juice should be applied on the face. Leave it for 30 minutes before washing.
A paste of turmeric powder, wheat flour/ gram flour and sesame oil helps in removing unwanted hair on the skin. 
Orange juice helps in giving a smooth, glowing and soft skin.
Mint juice will help to give a glowing skin and also removes pimple marks.
Never apply soap after using turmeric in any of the face pack for atleast 12 hours, this will darken the skin.

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