Everyone wants to look gorgeous these days for that we go to parlors, spend lots of money on your skin and hair spas and treatments. But what if then also we are not satisfied with our look? Skin problems can be hidden with the makeup but what about the hair look, we cannot hide our hairs every time with hats or scarfs. We have to go out with our hairs open but when they are dull and dry then we lose our confidence which is not good for anyone.

Perfect hair styles will look perfect only when we have healthy hairs. Hair loss and dull hairs are two common problems. Thousands of shampoos and other products are available in the market and we even tried many from them but we lasts with only damaged hairs due to chemicals in those products.

One can easily have healthy hairs without any expenses. We all need to take good care of our hairs regularly at home. No matter what type of hairs you have these simple home remedies can cure the hair problems and with no expenses.

Follow these simple home tips for beautiful, healthy, and gorgeous hairs:

Oil massage
Regularly message your hair with some hot oil half an hour before washing the hair. Coconut oil is best but if you have re-bonded hair or extensive hair loss then use olive oil with some castor oil.

Wash your hairs twice or thrice a week maximum. Daily washing will damage the hairs. The natural oils of roots and hairs. The natural oils of roots and hairs are good for hair growth but when we wash hairs daily then they will be washed off and the chemicals of shampoo will easily damage our hair. If you have dirty hairs then wash them with normal water that will remove the dirt from hair. So if you want to go for daily wash then go water wash your hair for thrice and shampoo thrice your hairs.

Avoid hot water on scalp
Always use cold or Luke warm water for hair washing as this will restore the natural oils of hairs.
Always use conditioner after shampoo
When we take bath bath we always use some moisturizers or our face hands and other body parts like this our hairs also needs moisturizer. After shampoo its always good to use some good conditioner and serum. If you have extremely dry hairs then you can use leave in conditioners also.

Towel dry hair instead of electric driers
Towel dry your hair if you are not in hurry or don’t need any particular hair style. Let your hair dry on their own this will encourage the natural smoothness with bounce in your hair. If your hairs are frizzy then use some good serum available in the market. Apply the serum on wet hairs and let them dry.

Avoid using heating tools on hairs
Heating tools will damage the upper layer of hairs which will lead to split ends and damaged rough hairs. If you want to use it then use kit occasionally and before using it apply some serum and spray conditioners this will not allow heat to directly affect the hairs.
At least comb twice a day
Combing the hair will allow the air to pass from the hairs which will remove the sweat smell and extra oil from the hairs.  Don’t brush wet hairs only comb them and brushes can be used on dry hairs.

Leave stress and sleep properly
Exercise daily for inner health of hair, don’t stress your self too much either physically or mentally this will damage your hair. Take good sleep and don’t leave your hairs open while sleeping  this will tangled or break the hairs, tie a loose braid before going to bed.
Use home made Masks time to time for good hair
As we use facial masks we should use hair masks also. Here are some simple homemade hair masks

v Mashed banana (1) + Egg (1) + Milk (3 tbsp) + honey (3 tbsp) + olive oil (5 tbsp)
Mix them and apply for 30 mins then wash with some mild shampoo.
v Egg white (1) +  egg (1) +  lemon juice (3 drops)
Mix all three together and beat till it will become white apply and leave for 20 mins then wash with mild shampoo.

v Mayonnaise (2 tbsp) +  ripe avocado (half mashed)
Apply leave for 20 mins  and wash with cold water.

v Yogurt (1 cup) + apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp) +  honey (1 tbsp)
Mix them and apply for 30 mins then wash with some mild shampoo.

v Olive oil (3 tbsp) + lemon juice (1 tbsp)
Mix them and apply for 30 mins then wash with some mild shampoo.

v Raw milk (4 tbsp) + water (4 tbsp) + honey (2 tbsp)
Mix them and apply for 30 mins then wash with some mild shampoo.

v Soaked methi seed paste (4 tbsp) + yogurt (2 tbsp)
Mix them and apply for 30 mins then wash with some mild shampoo.

v Oats (3 tbsp) +  olive oil (1 tbsp) + milk (2 tbsp)
Mix them and apply for 30 mins then wash with some mild shampoo.

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