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Bones or a bad body can be a big problem for ladies which can effect the life not only in 50’s  but starts from 30’s which leads to brittle and creaky bones. How can we cure this problem and key for the healthy skeleton? The answer is a good exercise routine, healthy diet and some sun. these three things are as simple as to eat walk or sleep for our daily life.

Osteoporosis is a bone disease which is no longer a disease of 50’s only but it starts at the age of 30’s with mild aches which can ejaculates with life threatening fractures. A study published by a magazine found that women between 30’s to 60’s have much more lower bone density and 52% of them suffered from osteoporosis in less severe version and 29% suffers from severe osteoporosis due to lack of Vitamin D, calcium and sunlight exposure.  

When we have weak bones its obvious to think of any form of exercise which can prevent the body and bones pain but the result sometimes can be better and sometimes can be worse. Sometimes the choice of the wrong exercise can worsen the condition and the choice of right exercise  can help us like nothing else. There are two best exercises to have the perfect  body skeleton, first is Weigh in and second is barre workout.

·    Weigh in : A weight bearing exercise causes muscles to push towards the bones which help in the reproduction of bone tissue. And also smooths the bone movement. When there is less  gap between the bones and the muscles then any kind of jerk on the body will not directly effect the bones and muscles slower the jerk which will protect bones from breaking. If you are habitual of this strength training then its well and good but if you are new to this then with a short time say for 30 minutes routine with light dumbbells or elastic strength band in your 20’s.

·      Barre Workout : barre is the type of exercise in wish balancing techniques will be the main focus for the body. This is a new technique in the exercise world but this will be the best one for the skeleton. Aerobics movement with the balancing postures is the main principle of barre. Barre have many benefits and the major out of them are improved body posture, muscle definition, weight loss, reduced stress, increased flexibility.

With all this a proper vitamin and calcium rich diet is also very important for healthy bones. We should include some dairy products in our diet for healthy bones like:

·    Milk : Having A glass of fat free milk will complete 30% of daily dosage of calcium in our body.

·    Yogurt : Having a cup of fresh yogurt daily will complete the daily dosage of vitamin D needed for our body to be healthy.

·    Cheese : If you are allergic of milk the have 50gms of any kind of cheese daily will complete the 30% of dosage of calcium for our body.

·      Eggs : Easily available, easy to cook and good to eat are eggs which contains lots of vitamin D but only the yolk part of the egg.

·     Spinach : If you are allergic of any kind of dairy product or you are lactose intolerance then need not to worry, you can simply have a cup of cooked spinach contains calcium, fiber, iron, vitamin D, vitamin A which a complete diet for healthy bones.

So follow these simple steps in your daily life routine and have healthy bones which are complementary to healthy body which directly compliments to a healthy and happy life. All the best and stay healthy.

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